Sagitec Addresses People Component of IT Change

October 27, 2011 ( - Sagitec Solutions, LLC, a global provider of pension administration software systems, announced the addition of Change Management Services to its list of professional service offerings.

The new services will help pension organizations address the task of transitioning employees and organizational processes to a new IT system by delivering to clients change readiness, system adoption, and organization design services alongside Sagitec’s existing pension administration system business.  

Sagitec said it defines a truly successful implementation project as one that not only meets contractual requirements and timelines, but also prepares end users to champion their new solution. Implementing change management prior to project inception, and continuing through the system design, development, and testing phases, is crucial to ensuring successful adoption, the firm contends.  

“We recognize the importance of addressing the people component of our system engagements,” said Rick Deshler, Senior Partner at Sagitec, in the announcement. “Increasingly, we’re seeing many pension organizations wait to address the challenges of organization design until late in the project life cycle. With the focus on system functionality and requirements during the early phases of the project, considerations about how the pension organization will transition its workforce to new performance methods are often not fully appreciated until much later, resulting in employee resistance, higher costs, and higher risk. With the addition of Change Management Services, we hope to minimize these risks.”  

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