SAP Unveils Info Sharing Suite

August 29, 2002 ( - Companies seeking to encourage firmwide information flow - including to and through HR - may want to consider a new collection of online programs from SAP.

SAP said its newly announced SAP Employee Productivity Suite (SAPEPS) is designed to facilitate interaction between workers in different parts of a company by providing easier access to a variety of high-level and macro-level information.

The company said SAPERS’ uses include:

  • access by executives to a high-level view of operations
  • the ability for field service managers to review service orders, organize work schedules, and manage requisitions.
  • access by customer service representatives shipment history, to review statistics, and to submit vacation requests.

SAP EPS includes mySAP HR, mySAP Financials, mySAP Customer Relationship Management, mySAP Business Intelligence, and mySAP Enterprise Portal.