Schroders Faces Sex Bias Suit

March 15, 2006 ( - A former stock trader at the US unit of asset management firm Schroders claims she was unfairly denied promotions and pay based on her sex.

Reuters reports that June Roberti, who worked on Schroders’ New York equity desk for a total of 19 years, said she was passed over for three jobs that were given to less qualified men and paid less than her male colleagues, according to a complaint filed in 2004 in US District Court in Manhattan.

A federal district judge has dismissed her compensation discrimination claims, but left intact assertions that she was unfairly denied promotions, according to Reuters.

Roberti’s complaint states that she had to shoulder the bulk of the work on the trading desk while male colleagues did far less.   A Schroders portfolio manager also required the women on the trading desk to send him instant messages when they went to the rest room, while “men could come and go as they pleased,” the complaint said.

A Schroders spokesperson said the firm was confident the case would be dismissed once its side is presented.