Schwab Introduces Financial Web Site for GenX

April 16, 2008 ( - Charles Schwab has announced the launch of a Web site designed to address the unique financial needs of GenXers.

According to the announcement, a feature exclusive to the site is a peer comparison tool, in which visitors answer a short series of questions and the online tool gauges responses against national averages based on a proprietary Schwab study of more than 5,000 people ages 25-40. Users are then provided with a printable snapshot of their answers, along with suggestions on how to improve finances or continue on the path toward financial fitness.

The site offers GenXers a one-stop money management resource featuring a collection of financial know-how, tools, and services, including:

  • Schwab expert insight targeted at Gen X-specific life stages;
  • Glossary of financial terms;
  • Calculators for college savings, cost-of-debt, and savings; and
  • Link to an online community where GenXers can discuss money and more with one another.

The Web site is available at .