Schwab Makes Return Tool Available for TPAs

August 11, 2005 ( - Third party administrators (TPAs) and their plan sponsor clients who use the Schwab Retirement Technologies web application will now have access to Schwab's rate-of-return tool.

A Schwab news release said that the tool gives participants access to charts and graphs detailing the investment performance of their entire account portfolio, as well as each investment in the account.

A joint enterprise between Schwab Retirement Technologies and dailyVest, a third-party software development firm, the rate-of-return analysis tool has also been available to Schwab Corporate Services’ bundled retirement plan clients since 2003.

The rate-of-return tool offers a variety of views for the participant’s total positions and individual investments over selected time periods. The key information is depicted both as a table and a bar chart.

Some of the other key features of the tool include:

  • the Net Investment vs. Market Value chart illustrates investment performance over time and the corresponding market value fluctuations of those investments
  • the Cumulative Returns chart reflects performance for the participant’s total positions, a portfolio or a specific investment.
  • the Account Activity Summary table displays the beginning market value, changes in market value grouped within activity types, and the ending market value of the account.