Schwab Promotes "Easy" IRAs

February 23, 2010 ( - Charles Schwab is promoting IRA products that it says are easy to open and fund, and offer access to professional guidance.

The Schwab IRA has no account service fees and requires a low $1,000 minimum to open an account, according to a press release. Schwab also provides clients with a number of online IRA tools and resources, in addition to access to a complimentary consultation with a Schwab professional.

The announcement said a Schwab IRA can be opened in about 15 minutes. Schwab IRAs also provide access to a wide range of investment choices that make it easy to invest, including ETFs and hundreds of no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds, as well as stocks, bonds, CDs, and more. Schwab also offers a wide range of information and resources to help investors find the IRA type that’s right for them.

In addition, the Schwab Rollover IRA offers no account service fees, low minimum balance requirements, and automatic deposits, as well as a complimentary 401(k) Rollover Consultant who can work with an individual’s former plan administrator to request a funds transfer, open a new Rollover IRA over the telephone, help complete all the required paperwork, and arrange an appointment with a Schwab Professional to help select investments once the account is opened and funded.

Regarding Roth IRA conversions, Schwab has tools and online resources including a Roth IRA Conversion Calculator, Roth IRA Conversion Q&As, and key considerations for Roth IRA conversions.

More information is here.