Schwab Releases SQL Recordkeeping Platform

October 22, 2003 ( - Charles Schwab Corporate Services has released its newest open architecture recordkeeping system.

Schwab RT SQL Recordkeeping is designed to enable integration of separate business applications with core recordkeeping modules at the base system level based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000.   Additionally, the system is also tailored to flexibility and scalability to accommodate future enhancements and changes in business models and growth patterns, according to a news release.

Clients can choose to license and install SQL Recordkeeping at their locations or subscribe to online access through an application service provider (ASP) delivery model Schwab plans to introduce later this year.

Developed by Schwab Retirement Technologies, the system’s SQL open architecture is designed to complement another recent Schwab addition, Schwab RT Developer’s Toolkit (See  Schwab Releases New Retirement Plan Application Programming Interface ).   The Developer’s Toolkit provides direct access to the Schwab RT SQL Recordkeeping business rules and data, allowing plan administrators the ability to integrate their own applications within the Schwab RT system architecture.