Scudder Launches Distribution Education Program

October 17, 2001( - Scudder Investments has launched Retirement Asset Management, a new education program designed to help financial representatives guide clients through the distribution of their retirement savings.

The program addresses topics such as After the Last Paycheck, and 13 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Money During Retirement.

Brochures assist retirees on issues such as

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  • when to begin receiving Social Security payments,
  • titling retirement assets correctly
  • order of retirement asset distributions.
  • the impact of inflation on retirement income, and
  • investment diversification

In addition, Scudder’s Retirement Asset Management software enables financial advisors to determine the optimal distribution sequence of a client’s retirement assets to produce the greatest potential income for both clients and beneficiaries.

The program also includes distribution planning worksheets, seminars, and marketing mailers.