Scudder Scores Hat Trick at Education Site

January 3, 2002 ( - Scudder Retirement Services has added a third Retirement Learning Series tutorial to the Just Starting section of its Scudder University participant Web site.

The three multi-media tutorials aim to encourage participants to plan for retirement. They are

  • Setting Goals, which helps participants consider elements that will factor into a retirement plan, including timeframe, desired lifestyle, income and expenses
  • Creating a Plan, which examines how employer sponsored retirement plans can assist in retirement planning, and
  • Investing for Retirement, which explains fundamental investing concepts

The new tutorial also defines key investment terms and examines various asset classes, likening investing in mutual funds to shopping in a grocery store. For example, the tutorial compares a growth fund to a vintage bottle of wine, explaining that an investor pays a premium for the fund, which has the potential to increase value over time.

In addition, the lesson encourages investors to think about a balanced fund as a TV dinner, which provides a portion of various asset classes needed to complete the “meal”.

The tutorials adopt the principles of Multiple Intelligences, which identify several intrinsic learning styles, including linguistic, intrapersonal, spatial, and logical-mathematical.