SEC Looks Into JP Morgan Chase Bond Agency Practices

March 22, 2001 ( - The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether JP Morgan Chase's Institutional Trust Services group violated transfer agency recordkeeping or reporting regulations with its bond paying agency function.

JP Morgan Chase said it has since addressed the conditions from which the alleged violations originated, and that is in discussions with the SEC to resolve the investigation in a mutually acceptable manner.

A JP Morgan Chase spokesman said the investigation of possible violations stems from a prior investigation of a Chase Manhattan unit, according to Dow Jones.  The spokesman said the investigation was previously reported by Chase Manhattan prior to the merger with JP Morgan in December. 

In its annual filing with the SEC, JP Morgan Chase also said the agency is also looking into whether JP Morgan Chase’s disclosure regarding the issues was adequate and timely. 

The Institutional Trust Services unit provides traditional corporate trust and related transaction management services, such as structured finance administration, international securities clearing, collateral management, settlement services and American depositary receipt services.

 – Nevin Adams