Securian Expands Fund Choices

December 12, 2001 ( - Securian Retirement Services, a business unit of Minnesota Life, has added nine options to the array of investments it offers to qualified retirement plan clients.

The new options include:

  • PIMCO High Yield Fund, Institutional Shares
  • Van Kampen Equity Income Fund, Class A Shares
  • Van Kampen Comstock Fund, Class A Shares
  • Turner Small Cap Value Fund
  • Turner Small Cap Growth Fund
  • American Century Equity Income Fund, Investor Class Shares
  • Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth Fund, Class T
  • Miller Anderson Core Equity
  • Disciplined Growth Investors Mid Cap Growth

The nine new options bring the total available to Securian’s retirement clients to 48, in addition to a guaranteed option and a self-directed account.

Employers may choose as many as 20 investments with no requirement to select proprietary options. Clients also benefit from Securian’s practice of using mutual fund company reimbursements to reduce employers’ investment option expenses.

Securian Retirement Services serves approximately 2,700 pension plans and nearly 200,000 participants nationwide.