Security Pros Still Fret about Workplace Violence

June 4 2002 ( - Although terrorism has caught the minds of most of the American public, workplace violence still leads the list of US security professionals' worries, a new survey by Pinkerton Consulting finds.

The ninth annual study found that for the fourth year in a row, workplace violence is the number one security concern facing American business.  Researchers said workplace violence results in three deaths daily and thousands of injuries each year.

In addition, the survey also noted that terrorism jumped from the number 17 concern to number three, while business interruption/disaster-recovery climbed from number five to number two.

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These are the top ten concerns:

  • workplace violence
  • business interruption/disaster recovery
  • terrorism (global and domestic)
  • internet/intranet security
  • employee selection/screening concerns
  • fraud/white-collar crime
  • unethical business conduct
  • general employee theft
  • property crime (external theft/vandalism)
  • drugs/alcohol in the workplace.

To get a copy of the complete survey, call (800) 266-1975.