SEI Helps Institutional Investors Manage Investment Data

Ledger allows asset owners to view, update and reconcile data from multiple sources.

SEI has announced the launch of Ledger, a new functionality designed to enable institutional investors and asset owners to view, update and reconcile a comprehensive set of raw data within SEI’s portfolio intelligence tool, SEI Novus.

Through an intuitive and auditable workflow, Ledger can help users rectify contradictory or delayed information to provide clients with greater transparency, accuracy and control of their assets. Using Ledger, clients can access raw data aggregated from a variety of sources to analyze all types of balance and transaction data. This data may originate from multiple custodians and manager statements, including cash flow notices, valuations, estimates and official performance records.

Key features of Ledger include:

  • Streamlined connectivity – SEI Novus gathers all relevant records from custodians, administrators and managers in one place.
  • Intuitive workflow – Users can easily update any balance, enter new transactions, and inspect audit trails of past changes.
  • Portfolio transparency – Users can inspect their aggregated data, as well as drill down into and slice their portfolio by many dimensions.

“Accessible and transparent portfolio information is essential, but asset owners often receive delayed and unreliable data,” says Andrea Gentilini, head of SEI Novus in SEI’s Institutional Group. “Ledger can improve clients’ ability to improve portfolio accuracy, with the ability to inspect exposures and understand attribution and risk positions. It unlocks more than just due diligence and operational efficiency, enabling asset owners to build a digital ‘Investment Book of Records’ and derive powerful insights for making decisions and investing with confidence.”

Ledger also supports SEI’s enhanced chief investment officer, or ECIO, platform. The ECIO platform allows an internal investment team to outsource the shadow accounting workflow across their entire portfolio and feed it directly into SEI Novus, resulting in portfolio intelligence built on a comprehensive set of timely data. Ledger also complements SEI’s existing suite of shadow accounting and data management services for asset managers.

ore information about Ledger is here.