SEI Updates Fund Board RK Product

April 23, 2004 ( - Increased regulatory and shareholder attention to the goings-on in corporate boardrooms may prompt some mutual fund corporate officials to consider an enhanced board recordkeeping system.

SEI Investments said its latest eBoardroom program offers real-time access to current and historical data, including annual reports, prospectuses and past board books, to give board participants greater flexibility in reviewing important information prior to meetings.

In addition, eBoardroom provides an audit trail. Through a collaborative environment, a variety of users of this tool can assemble board materials in an automated manner, reducing the administration process, SEI said. 

The company said instituting eBoardroom for clients provides an opportunity to reevaluate compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, to alleviate scheduling and travel issues, SEI has also incorporated a travel and itinerary management feature and a built-in reminder system, according to its announcement.

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