Separate Account Data Now Daily at Effron PSN

November 11, 2002 ( - If you're a junkie for separate account manager information, you can now access it real-time from Effron PSN, the White Plains, New York-based data vendor.

Effron says that two of its services – Separate Account Express and PSN Enterprise – that historically have been available only through CD-Roms and on a quarterly basis can now be accessed through the Internet. “This is the first time this level of information on separate accounts is accessible on a real-time basis,” Lac An Vuong, managing director of Effron PSN told .

Effron PSN tracks data from over 1200 active managers – its Web-based information services range in price from $2,000 per annum at the low end to $45,000 at the high end. Vuong says that this movement to the Web is “just the beginning of real-time feeds of information from investment managers to investors – this information is collected via the Web and that’s how it should ideally be disseminated.”

Margaret Tobiasen, Chief Operating Officer of Effron PSN notes, “Approximately 3,500 data fields are updated in PSN each day, and that’s more than just returns. Managers are updating assets, contact information, holdings, portfolio characteristics, AIMR compliance and more every day.”

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