SHPS Launches Participant-Centered Innovative Wellness Program

March 11, 2008 ( - SHPS, provider of health advocacy and health benefits solutions, has introduced a wellness program for mid-size and large employers providing a comprehensive health solution that can effectively address pre-disease and lifestyle issues with a goal of halting the financial and social burdens of disease progression.

According to an SHPS announcement, the new Carewise Personal Wellness Program was developed on the same integrated platform as SHPS’ other comprehensive health management solutions including its case, disease and utilization management, and nurse line services. This integration creates a 360-degree view of each employee, providing health coaches with real-time insights into which health programs are driving the most value, and facilitating natural transitions between programs, SHPS said.

Rather than delivering services in silo programs, the offering is a unified health management strategy in one cohesive package, creating a consistent participant experience and helping to prevent an individual’s migration to more expensive treatments associated with disease onset.

The Carewise Personal Wellness Program’s components include:

  • Carewise Personal Health Assessment and Screening: identification of health issues including a health risk assessment, personalized health report with lifestyle risk score and health behavior chart, as well as individual biometric testing.
  • Carewise Personal Health Manager: promotional activities via a health Web site supporting both wellness and condition management solutions, health campaigns, medical content, health trackers and tools.
  • Carewise Personalized Health Coaching:  self-management and coaching opportunities covering smoking cessation, nutrition, physical activity, weight management and stress management, as well as pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, pre-hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Programs incorporate online lifestyle risk management and telephonic coaching support.

SHPS’ wellness solution is available for immediate implementation to employers and plan sponsors.

More information is at .