Six in Ten Workers Surveyed Want a Career Change

January 20, 2010 ( - A survey of Chicago-area employees conducted by Everest College finds 61% daydream about starting a new career.

Fifty-eight percent of the 509 employees ages 18 to 35 say they would actually change jobs if nothing stood in their way, according to a press release. About the same number of respondents (59%) say the main thing that stands in their way is that they believe there are fewer jobs available during a recession.

What is making the employees so unhappy with their current jobs? Almost three-quarters (74%) cite low salaries; nearly half (48%) say their job is not fulfilling; and more than one-third (36%) report not receiving recognition for their efforts.

In addition, the press release said, nearly one-half of respondents (47%) indicate they feel more stress on the job in the last year, and 56% claim they worked harder in the last year. One-third (32%) report having less job security compared to one year ago.

On a bright note, despite the dissatisfaction and yearning for change, nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents indicated they do care about the business success of their current employer.