Small Businesses Given Health Care Selection Help

September 6, 2005 ( - ConnectYourCare and Armada Consulting Group have joined forces to provide more options to small and mid-sized companies that want to offer consumer driven health care.

In its press release, ConnectYourCare points out that small and mid-sized companies have little leverage when negotiating group HMO and PPO plans with insurers, so many employers are choosing consumer driven health care to provide more options to employees and control costs.

Armada offers companies with 200-5,000 employees a system called Armada Health Pathways to guide them along the process of plan design, financing, implementation, employee communication, and detailed plan analysis.   Armada Managing Partner Keith Sullivan said in the news release, “We will be introducing our clients to solutions such as ConnectYourCare, which provide great value and the flexibility to change insurance products over time, without changing the employee’s interface. We also like the fact that ConnectYourCare has a risk-averse strategy for moving clients to CDH at their own pace.”

Employers will use ConnectYourCare as their employee platform, portal, and education tool.   Features of the ConnectYourCare platform listed in the news release include:

  • HSA, HRA, and FSA account management using ConnectYourCare’s smart debit card
  • benefits enrollment capability
  • a paperless claims-submission process
  • a medical encyclopedia
  • guidance on chronic conditions
  • wellness incentives
  • an integrated online drugstore
  • advocacy services
  • Internet access to employee account balances
  • claims payment status reporting.

More information about ConnectYourCare can be obtained by sending an email to or calling 877-495-3341.