Some Friday File Fun

March 2, 2007 ( - They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here’s a couple of thousand words worth…

The most challenging Ping-Pong table you’ll ever want to play  HERE :  

– – – In Tokyo, Japan , officials at the Tama Zoo decided to conduct a safety drill – – – an animal escape drill based on the premise that a strong wind blew a tree over in the orangutan enclosure – – – which ostensibly would provide an orangutan with a means of getting over the perimeter fence – – – In this particular case, the orangutan, played with apparent “vigor” by an employee of the zoo, first managed to spook a school party – – – and then, as he got more and more into the “swing” of the role, he raced around the zoo pursued by staff and scattering the crowds – – – until he was “subdued” with a tranquillizer gun – – – but to those in attendance, it looked as though he had been shot – – – triggering hysteria among the children gathered around – – – What’s even weirder – – – is what the orangutan looked like – – –  MORE

– – – You’ve probably heard about that Greenwich Village, New York, KFC/Taco Bell (Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street) where a goodly number (dozens?) of rats were filmed romping around the premises, jumping on tables, etc., after hours by a CBS news crew – – – What you may NOT have heard is that just two days prior to that event – – – it passed a Health Department inspection – – – In what is surely the understatement of the year, health department spokesman Geoffrey Cowley reportedly said, “It doesn’t look like the inspection that was done Thursday met our standards.” – – –  MORE