S&P: Small Cap Equity Funds Rule in May

June 4, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Small-cap growth mutual funds led the parade of equity funds as the stock market began getting its sea legs back in May, according to Standard & Poor's.

S&P data shows the small-cap growth funds barreled ahead by 9.54% in May and 14.09% for the first five months of 2003. Its small-cap counterparts also did well during the month with blended funds showing a 9.35%-gain and 13.04% for the year while value funds enjoyed an 8.75%-advance in May with 11.88% year to date.

Mid-caps were right on the heels of the small-cap offerings with blended funds turning in a particularly strong May showing with an 8.50% advance and 13.08% year to date. Value funds followed with 8.23% in May and 11.37% year to date, while mid-cap growth funds trailed the pack with an 8.08% showing over the month and 13.56% since January 1.

Bringing up the rear in the domestic equity fund parade during May were the large caps, according to S&P.   Value offerings bested their large-cap counterparts with a 6.49% return and 9.64% year to date while blended funds had a 5.59% May showing with 10.16% for the year. Growth trailed with 5.36% in May and 11.29% for the year.

For overseas investors, S&P reported that international equity funds had a 6.53% return in May and 7.13% since January 1.

Finally, S&P also reported that high yield funds only enjoyed a 1.10% May return and 10.04% year to date while gold funds had a 11.88% May showing and a -2.65% year-to-date return.