SRI World Group Launches Second Generation of OneReport

April 15, 2005 ( - SRI World Group, a provider of corporate sustainability reporting solutions, today announced the launch of three new reporting options on its OneReport platform.

As part of its OneReport second generation product, the company has added the new reporting options to its global electronic reporting network that allows companies to collect and manage their social, environmental, economic, and governance   data and distribute it to research and rating agencies, the   financialcommunity, and other stakeholders, according to the company.

The new OneReport options include:

  • OneReport FreeNet – a limited, free reporting system primarily for   publicly   traded companies that are reporting for the first time
  • OneReport Pro – an entry level reporting system that enables companies   to   report their sustainability data to multiple data users simultaneously
  • OneReport Corporate – a customizable, multi-user reporting   system   that features workflow management tools, a document library, auditfunctions, and more.

One Report   allowscompanies to report their data in one system and have the datadistributedin standardized formats to multiple research and rating agencies andotherdata users simultaneously, according to the company.