SSgA Launches ETF Education Resource

January 5, 2012 ( - State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) launched ETF Fact or Fiction, a website that provides individual investors with a resource for exchange traded fund (ETF) education.

Designed to help investors better understand what SSgA says is one of the fastest growing investment vehicles, the new site enhances SPDR ETF’s existing suite of educational resources, which includes and SPDR University (    

Featuring commentary, research and thought leadership from State Street Global Advisors, ETF Fact or Fiction will detail nuances of the ETF product structure, address common questions and misconceptions, and highlight key industry trends to help investors better evaluate ETFs.    

Included among the materials available through the website are: 

  • Exchange Traded Funds: A Brief Introduction – a presentation covering ETF basics and benefits, how ETFs compare and contrast to mutual funds and the role of ETFs in building and maintaining a diversified portfolio; 
  • How ETFs are Created and Redeemed – an article reviewing the process through which ETF shares are created, redeemed, and traded; 
  • Separating ETF Facts From Fiction – a report exploring ETFs and the Flash Crash, ETF Tracking Error, the use of derivatives in ETFs and the impact of securities lending by ETFs; and 
  • Securities Lending & ETFs: An Overview – a white paper dissecting the securities lending process—including its risks and benefits—and details best practices to mitigate key counterparty, collateral and operational concerns. 

In addition to featuring white papers, articles and reports, ETF Fact or Fiction will also offer insights from SPDR ETF executives and a thought leadership series, titled ETF: Fact or Fiction, that will help investors make better informed decisions. The first piece in this series is titled An ETF’s Expense Ratio is Not the Only Factor That Determines Total Cost.  

“As the use of ETFs by individual investors continues to grow, improving investor education remains a core guiding principal for our SPDR ETF business,” said James Ross, senior managing director and global head of SPDR Exchange Traded Funds at State Street Global Advisors.    

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