Stable Value Consultants Open for Business

August 18, 2010 ( - Chris Tobe has started a niche consulting firm that works primarily on stable value.

Stable Value Consultants will do project, hourly, and retainer consulting for plans, collective trusts and the stable value industry.  The firm is set up to help plans minimize their liability in their stable value option, while providing solid returns above money market, according to an announcement.  

Tobe also has a new white paper titled “Financial Crisis and Subsequent Regulations effect on Stable Value.” The paper states that while Stable value is 20% to 40% of assets in many DC plans, most general consultants only have a superficial knowledge at best of Stable Value.  It cites a recent survey in July 2010 that shows that after FinReg and the new (Department of Labor) DoL rules, 46% of plans feel they need to address the increased scrutiny around Stable Value Plans. 

The paper is available by request at