Standard Offers Tools to Help HR Manage Disability

February 22, 2011 ( - Standard Insurance Company (The Standard) announced the launch of a new blog, Workplace Possibilities, which features tools and tips to help human resources managers change the way they manage disability in the workplace.

“This blog is an offshoot of The Standard’s Workplace Possibilities program, which is a unique approach to helping keep employees at work and return from disability leave sooner,” said Alison Daily, director of Workplace Possibilities and blog contributor, in the announcement. “Our team of Workplace Possibilities consultants empowers HR managers by identifying opportunities to keep employees on the job and get them back to work sooner, all with measurable reductions in disability-related costs.”  

The site will include blog posts from the consultants, nurse case managers, vocational counselors and experts specializing in disability and wellness initiatives that will provide tools and tips for a healthier workforce.  A few examples include ergonomic pointers for clerical workers and ways to change how employers manage mental health disability. It will also feature stories of employees who were able to return to work successfully with guidance, support and tools to manage their comeback after a disability leave. 

Workplace Possibilities also will offer insight into some of the latest headlines in disability management news, such as new technologies for helping visually-impaired employees in the workplace or updates to employment laws and regulations.

The interactive blog is found at