State Street Enhances Institutional Investor Products

June 6, 2006 ( - State Street Corporation has announced product and technology enhancements designed to improve accessibility to investment information and provide greater control of the overall investment process for its institutional investor clients.

According to a press release, the enhancements include:

  • An online document manager (Online Documents), enables customers to maintain, organize, readily access and circulate important financial documents in a common repository. Documents include letters, contracts, amendments, agreements, partnership agreements, contact lists, process and procedure guides, and compliance documents. Online Documents features secure and immediate document distribution to multiple users and provides an audit trail that monitors document posting dates and originators.
  • Expanded capabilities of its Securities Lending Performance Analyzer (SLPA), an online
    performance measurement tool which quantifies, manages and communicates the risk/return relationship in a securities lending program. SLPA now provides this analysis for customers who participate in lending programs involving Euro collateral in addition to US Dollar collateral.
  • Enhanced fixed income functionality of its integrated Tax-Efficient Lot Selector. The new tool is designed to minimize the tax burden to shareholders resulting from the sales of both equities
    and fixed income securities in funds they own by minimizing a fund’s gains from sales of these securities lowering capital gain distributions to shareholders, thereby lowering the taxes they pay to the IRS. The application also offers the flexibility to customize business rule and rate selection criteria to meet customers’ specific needs.

All of the new developments can be accessed via .