Stock and Bond Funds See Inflows in February

March 28, 2005 ( - Stock and bond funds saw net inflows in February, with International/Global and Domestic Equity funds leading the way.

According to the Financial Research Corporation (FRC), stock and bond funds saw inflows of $24.6 billion in the second month of the year, with International/Global funds bringing in $21.5 billion and Domestic Equity funds bringing in $5.8 billion. This follows a $20.2 billion inflow into stock and bond mutual funds in January (See Mutual Funds See $20.2 Billion Inflows in January ).

By Morningstar category, moderate allocation led the way in February, posting inflows of $4.7 billion. Following this was large value ($4.2 billion) and world allocation ($3.5 billion). Year-to-date, large value has posted the most substantial inflows, at $13.1 billion.

By fund group, American Funds continues to be the fastest growing, while Vanguard remains as the largest in absolute terms. American Funds brought in $7.9 billion on the month, while Vanguard brought in $5.9 billion. Vanguard has over $700 billion in its fund groups in total, well ahead of Fidelity ($679 billion) and American ($677 billion)..

American Funds’ Capital Income Builder was the best-selling fund of the month, bringing in $1.6 billion. Year-to-date, American’s Growth Fund American is the best selling fund.