Stock Baskets by S&P through E*TRADE

June 4, 2001 ( - E*TRADE Group, Inc announced plans to offer a range of proprietary portfolios, built by Standard & Poor's (S&P), through its Stock Basket platform.

The service allows E*TRADE’s brokerage customers to purchase and trade ready-made portfolios of shares in dollar-denominations. The stock baskets combine attributes of a mutual fund, such as diversification and convenience, with those of a brokerage account, such as direct stock ownership.

S&P will develop 21 baskets for the platform including: 

  • five index-based baskets
  • 10 sector-based baskets, and
  • six investment-style baskets

Analysts from Standard & Poor’s will select the stocks in each basket employing screening processes that involve rules-based quantitative investment disciplines.