Stock & Options Solutions Announces Service Enhancements

June 17, 2009 ( - Stock & Option Solutions (SOS), a provider of stock plan administration, management and consulting services, has announced an enhanced version of its option exchange Web site and its Exchange Services Suite to assist companies in managing and administering their Employee Option Exchange programs.

The company said it has enhanced Employee Elect to streamline the administrative functionality, making it faster to find the real-time data stock personnel need, and increased functionality of the breakeven modeling, automated password reset functionality, and the print, sign & mail feature for international participants. The site allows participants to log into a secure Web site, download all documents relating to the tender offer, and view personalized details pertaining to their offer, then make their election, according to the announcement.

It also offers administrators the ability to see real-time statistics on the program, run election reports and send participants reminder emails throughout the tender offer.  

SOS said it can also coordinate and deliver training to employees affected by the exchange program, draft employee-friendly written communications and FAQs, provide employee support, and assist Accounting, Legal and Tax departments with SOS’s comprehensive Exchange Suite of services.

For more information, contact Scott McDonald at or 408-979-8715.