Strong Offers Online 529 Account Opening

April 9, 2002 ( - Would-be participants in three 529 college savings plans administered by Strong Capital Management no longer have to take pen to paper in order to join and invest, the company announced.

Strong said in a press release that paperless account opening was available for college plans in Nevada, Oregon, and Wisconsin, which are all also offered nationwide.

According to Strong, investors can:

  • open the account over the Internet by filling out an electronic application and including an electronic signature, and
  • funding the account online the day it’s opened through an electronic transfer from a checking account. Participants can also set up a regular withdrawal schedule from their checking account, or mail a check.

Strong said opening and funding an account online would take about 10 minutes.

The company said it would also supply statements and regulatory documents online if the participant wished.

See Strong’s Web site for more information.