Study Finds Health Care Employee Engagement is Down

August 9, 2011 ( – Human capital solutions provider Morehead has found that overall, employee engagement among health care organizations trended slightly downward in 2010, as compared to 2009.

Decreasing satisfaction with job stress, benefits, making improvements as a result of the survey, and trust within the work unit contributed to significantly lower results in 2010. “My pay is fair compared to other healthcare employers in this area” ranked lowest in Morehead’s analysis, followed by “My work unit is adequately staffed,” “Different levels of this organization communicate effectively with each other,” and “The amount of job stress I feel is reasonable.”  

“I am satisfied with my benefits” ranked 7th lowest in the analysis.  

However, the highest scoring engagement item was “I like the work that I do,” and survey respondents indicated pride in their organizations’ quality of service and patient safety. 

Morehead found the key drivers of employee engagement among health care employees included the feeling of belonging to the organization, that the organization provided high-quality care, of liking their jobs, of confidence in senior management, and that pay is fair.  

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