Study: Put Special Effort Into Relo Initiatives

July 30, 2003 ( - Companies interested in relocating employees as a cost-saving move are increasingly developing customized relocation packages targeted to workers' individual circumstances as well as offering relo incentives, according to a new study.

The study, Relocation Excellence: Maintaining Employee Productivity, by research and consulting firm Best Practices, LLC said some companies have developed tiered relocation packages based on age, family composition and job level. These tiered relocation packages offer differentiated relocation services including shipment of household goods, number of relocation visits and relocation bonuses.

Project analysts said a key driver in successful relocation and redeployment efforts is proactively addressing employees’ issues through early and consistent communications.

“Our research suggests that companies with outstanding relocation and redeployment processes enjoy a wide range of benefits,” researchers wrote. “They report higher employee satisfaction during and after the move, which increases positive perceptions about the company. They have better employee performance – and improved retention – that also lowers costs. Finally, and most importantly, companies that successfully executive relocation/redeployment staffing and transition processes meet business objectives.”

The report also suggests:

  • surveying current employers, new hires, and other key constituents about their potential relo needs and then build that input into the relo packages
  • concentrating on successful selling of relocations to the involved employees.

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