Study Reveals Growing Trend of Mobile Workstations

July 29, 2005 ( - A British study by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Tomorrow Project shows that almost five million workers already spend some time working at home or on the move.

A report of the study in The Guardian says that mobile work – between home, hotel, airport lounge, or public transportation station – is becoming one of the fastest growing types of employment. According to the study, “For a substantial proportion of workers, work in 20 years’ time will be more about movement than staying put.”

Leaving the confines of the office desk will give employees greater control of their time, but the study warns that this could potentially cause family conflict with the boundaries of work and leisure time becoming less distinct. “Once work weaves into all the nooks and crannies of your life, deciding when to work will be increasingly difficult. Getting the job done will compete with the family,” the study says.

The study also mentions the issue of employers managing their staff remotely. Some managers are already using electronic surveillance of work completed, while others are working to create a work ethic in employees to motivate hard work even when not at the office.