SunGard Corbel Automates Prepared 5500 Delivery

May 13, 2004 ( - SunGard Corbel has launched a Web-based Relius Government Forms 5500 product to assist form preparers.

Relius Government Forms 5500 Web Client is a Web browser-based application offering form 5500 preparers an automated method of delivering annual 5500 filing packets to plan sponsors.

Relius Government Forms 5500 Web Client works like this: after completing the return, the preparer “publishes” the 5500 Form and schedules to a secured server.   The plan sponsor is then notified via e-mail that their return is available and provided with a link and login information, where several individuals may access the same return.   This allows a firm’s actuaries, accountants, plan sponsors and plan administrators to:

  • view all of the data in the forms/schedules
  • review the data provided, including an auto-navigate feature
  • edit the data
  • print the completed return to be signed and filed, or kept as a copy, print a non-fileable copy, or save the data to their computer .

There is a tracking feature built into the software to record each of the alterations and allow for an audit trail to handle conflicts. Once the plan sponsor “accepts” or “prints” the return, an e-mail notification is sent back to the preparer to inform them of the status change.