SunGard Enhances Treasury Network

May 8, 2001 ( - Corporate treasury staff and pension fund managers will now be able to access SunGard's STN Treasury, an Internet-based quote driven transaction network for FX, money markets and OTC derivatives.

STN Treasury is a multi-bank platform, offering enhanced price transparency and lower costs derived from straight-through processing.

SunGard provides sell-side participants with a free automated quote engine that handles:

  • rate blending
  • liquidity and credit spreading
  • credit approvals
  • credit limit management

Sell-side participants can also interface their proprietary quote engines to STN Treasury through a published API (application programming interface) or use a manual pricing interface.

STN Treasury is part of the SunGard Transaction Network, an e-business network that connects SunGard’s buy-side and sell-side clients. SunGard’s network currently joins more than 700 banks, 1,000 money managers, 45 million 401K plan participants, 1,500 insurance companies, and 180 brokers.