SurePayroll Unveils Small Businesses Online 401(k) Product

July 16, 2007 ( - Online payroll provider SurePayroll has come out with an online 401(k) program for small business employers.

According to a press release from the company, Sure401k will be offered to small business owners for less than $85 a month, minus a one-time set-up fee, and will include features such as:

  • Access to more than 320 mutual funds in 15 asset categories from companies such as Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, and Vanguard along with low-fee index funds and lifestyle retirement funds
  • Flexible plan designs (Roth and Safe Harbor features available)
  • Full-service recordkeeping, administration and compliance testing
  • Free customer support
  • Online plan management for employers and employees
  • Integration with payroll

“With its seamless integration into SurePayroll’s online payroll system, Sure401k is another great way to simplify back-office financial tasks for our customers, without sacrificing the breadth of funds that are not always offered to small businesses,” said SurePayroll President Michael Alter, in the press release.

Small business owners that choose Sure401k are not required to be current SurePayroll customers.

There are no minimum employee restrictions; businesses that are run exclusively by the owners, partners and spouses can implement an owner-only 401(k), or Solo(k) plan, for $12.50 a month. SurePayroll will also offer a $250 discount on set-up fees for regular 401(k)s, until October 1, 2007.

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