Survey: Executives See Business Casual as Standard Dress Code

September 12, 2007 ( - Nearly 80% of business executives prefer to wear either business casual or casual attire to work, according to a recent survey by

More than 60% of executives say business casual is now their standard office dress code and about 42.2% said more and more companies are moving towards business casual.

About 22% said the definition of “business casual” is now stretching to include even more casual attire, such as jeans.

Employees who dress more casually risk being taken less seriously than their more professionally dressed counterparts, according to nearly half (48.2%) of executives. However, a third of executives say they perceive employees who are dressed more casually to be more fun to be around and nearly 40% say they perceive these employees as more creative.

Nearly 65% of executives said they did not think that co-workers in more traditional business attire were more productive, but did say they perceived them to be more senior level (71.8%) and that they are taken more seriously (62.3%).

Some employees who wear suits are perceived by executives as being rigid (26.5%) and less creative (16.8%).

The survey by, a job Web site for professionals making $100,000 or more and included 1,181 executives.