Survey Finds Majority of Employers Offer Telecommuting

July 22, 2010 ( - Fifty-seven percent of employers report that their organization offers telecommuting in some form, according to a recent survey by BLR.

Of those companies, two-thirds have offered telecommuting for three years or more.   

BLR said the survey also found that flextime has been implemented at many more companies in the past four years. Eighty-eight percent of responding companies in the current survey allow some form of flextime to exempt employees – up from 64% of respondents in a 2006 BLR survey. For nonexempt employees, 66% offer a form of flextime, as compared to 58% in 2006.   

Fifty-nine percent of companies reported having a relaxed or very relaxed dress code for exempt employees – slightly less than the 65% of organizations who indicated that they had relaxed dress codes in 2006.   

The survey, which included approximately 1,200 responses, was conducted by BLR’s HR Daily Advisor in June and July of 2010.   

Detailed survey results are here.