Survey Finds MBA Gender Differences

July 22, 2003 ( - There is a significant gender gap between male and female MBAs - particularly in their workplace goals, according to a new poll.

A SmartPros report said that a QuickPoll found that women MBAs tend to see workplace credibility as a goal in addition to career advancement while males were just looking for a quick way to get ahead.

In terms of long-term career goals, women MBAs said they were looking for posts as management consultants, executive vice presidents and non-profit executive slots – among others – while their male counterparts honed in on president or CEO of their own companies. The male MBAs also listed starting their own businesses as a goal.

“There is a significant gender gap that exists between male and female MBAs,” said JillXan Donnelly of, in a statement. “While a graduate business degree may be necessary to both men and women who expect to excel and lead in the business world, women clearly view the MBA as their badge of credibility and hope that it will help open career doors. Men expect to hold the top leadership positions and for women, it is still the exception.”