Survey: Higher Ups Vote Themselves as Top Performers

August 16, 2007 ( - Managers have lofty views of their performance, with 90% finding themselves among the top performers at their workplace, the Associated Press reported.

Ninety percent of managers think they rank in the top 10% of performers at their workplace, a survey in the most recent edition of BusinessWeek magazine showed. Executives have an even higher view of their performance than managers, with 97% saying they consider themselves shining stars.

The survey of about 2,000 workers in middle management also found that most workers think it will be easier for women and minorities to get ahead in business 10 years from now.

Nearly half of workers aged 35 to 54 said employees under age 35 tend to be slackers. Thirty percent of people aged 25 to 34 agreed with that assessment. Also,6% of respondents under age 30 admitted they’ve accidentally called their boss “Mom” or “Dad.”