Survey: Job Seekers Value Workforce Diversity

November 17, 2005 ( - A new survey by job Web site Monster has found that 82% of ethnically diverse online job seekers believe that the resources a company dedicates to diversity recruiting reflects the company's overall commitment to creating a diverse workforce.

However, according to a Monster news release, only 54% of US employers implement such recruitment programs.

Findings regarding ethnically diverse online job seekers in the US include:

  • 86% agree that “It is important that the organization I work for actively tries to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.”
  • 82% believe that you can tell by how much effort and resources companies put into diversity recruiting whether they are truly committed to creating a diverse workforce.
  • Nearly 60% look for information on organizations’ diversity policies and programs when they are looking for a job.

Meanwhile, US employer-specific findings include:

  • 66% of companies have an official written statement conveying the organization’s mission or vision regarding diversity.
  • 37% have specific diversity targets or goals.
  • 3% have a separate diversity recruitment budget.

The survey findings presented here are the results of a telephone study conducted August 5-24, 2005, by Roper Public Affairs & Media of 202 Human Resources professionals.

The survey is available here . A free registraton is required.