SURVEY SAYS: 2018 NCAA Tournament Contenders

The winner of the 2018 NCAA basketball tournament will be revealed today.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which of the final four, if any, would you like to see win?”


Loyola University Chicago was selected by the majority (56.4%) of responding readers, while 1.3% selected “any team but Loyola-Chicago.” University of Michigan was chosen by 12.8% of respondents; University of Kansas was picked by 6.4%; and Villanova University was selected by 5.1%. Nearly two in ten (17.9%) chose “None/Don’t Care.”


In respondents’ verbatim comments about the NCAA tournament, it was clear that Loyola’s unofficial mascot, Sister Jean, won the hearts of many, while others said they chose Loyola because they root for the underdog—and a few were from Chicago. Of course there were other comments about wanting other teams to win and general feelings about the tournament in general. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “If you hadn’t listed them, I wouldn’t even know who was in the finals! Last week you asked how much productivity is lost due to March Madness. Answering both of these surveys is the extent of my lost productivity!”


Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey!



We haven’t had a dark horse win it all since Jim Valvano and his NC State Wolfpack team won the championship in 1983. I want to see a win for Sister Jean!

Fun to see an underdog team do so well.

I didn’t even know the final four teams this year.

I don’t care about basketball at all, but I work with many KU fans so it will make for a nicer work environment if KU wins!

Living in the Chicago area, I have to support the underdog Ramblers from Loyola.

I originally picked Loyola as a fun long-shot…not knowing how great they are. I’m glad that I did and having a wonderful time watching them play. Go Ramblers!

How can you not want Loyola to win?

Would be one of the biggest upsets of all-time in tournament history. Would need to extend March Madness to April Madness.

Hard to beat Jalen Roses’ 100-year old grandmother – Mary Belle Hicks. “Sister Jean,” it’s been a good ride. But it’s over Saturday. Go Blue.”

Who doesn’t like a Cinderella story!


You asked who I would like to see win – who wouldn’t want Sister Jean to get a win! I don’t think they will win, but I would like to see it!

Gotta love all the publicity Sister Jean’s getting. It’s all about serving others…that’s the kind of spotlight we need more of.

One of the most entertaining tournaments in years!

While I support people’s freedom of religion (including the prayers of Loyola’s Sister Jean), I find one particularly egregious problem among sports fans. The idea that god favors one sports team over another for any reason is highly offensive.

I have no ties to any of the final 4 Universities, so I am pulling for the Cinderella!

I have Villanova in my bracket, but I would love to see the underdog, Chicago Loyola win. I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and walked by the school several times, so I feel a connection. Also love the Sister Jean story!

The only winners in this entire ‘madness’ are all the snack, pizza houses, and delivery services who will see a huge spike in their sales this weekend!

Since the SEC men’s teams all crashed, I’m pulling for the Mississippi State Lady Dawgs!

My son is attending Loyola this summer for a STEM program; and we love Sister Jean!

Sorry, Not a fan….. After football season is over, I wait patiently for the Triple Crown races.

Being from the state of Ohio, a close second would be “Any team but University of Michigan”!

You have to love their backstory and that sweet nun who prays for them!

Wish there was a scoring correction and Duke would come back from defeat and save my bracket so I am back in the money!!!

I’d love to see Loyola win as a Cinderella team, but the teams likely to win are Kansas or Villanova.

Since Loyola beat my Vols, they might as well win the whole thing!

Go Blue!

If my team isn’t playing, and it rarely is, I always pull for the underdog.

Being a Philly boy and having attended an Augustinian high school I must root for Villanova.

It would be great to see a non-“power” team win for a change!

If you hadn’t listed them, I wouldn’t even know who was in the finals! Last week you asked how much productivity is lost due to March Madness. Answering both of these surveys is the extent of my lost productivity!

Siphoning money away from education toward entertainment. Shameful.

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan. Go blue!

Go Sister Jean!

I love it

Would love to see Loyola-Chicago win it all since they had such a low seed and are not from a power conference. Cheering for the underdog is what March Madness is all about for me! This year was the first time a 16 seed beat a 1 seed, so why not have an 11 seed as the national champion!

I always root for the underdog.

Would like to see Loyola win it all!



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