SURVEY SAYS: Additional Time Off for Independence Day

The 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year, and it has always felt weird to me when a holiday breaks up the work week like that.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Are you taking additional time off surrounding the 4th?”

More than half (50.7%) of responding readers indicated they are taking off Monday, the 3rd, while 39.4% said they are not taking any additional time off. Seven percent are taking off the whole week, and 2.8% are taking off Monday and Wednesday.

In verbatim comments, several readers expressed they didn’t need to take additional time off because their employers also gave them Monday, the 3rd, as a day off. Some decided to make it a really long weekend, and took off Friday as well as Monday. One reader expressed that holidays that break up the week are difficult because it seems like you have two Mondays in the week. Readers that are not taking time off expressed that they can be more productive since many in the office will be taking time off. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: I’ll take a 4 day work week regardless of how it falls. :)” 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!


Holidays that break up the week are difficult. The week seems off, like you have 2 Mondays. I was very happy when I switched jobs that went from Friday after Thanksgiving from being a regular work day to a Holiday. Very happy I don't have to use a PTO day for that Friday anymore.

We are closed on Monday the 3rd, won't pay to turn on the lights. And a company can buy it self a lot of good will have really engaged and happy employees with a long weekend. There are so few of them.

My company must assume employees will be leaving early on Monday as the cafeteria is only serving breakfast, so I'll be going out for lunch!

Usually a very quiet week. If one is working, an opportunity to be productive with fewer than usual interruptions!

Our company decided to close on both the 3rd and the 4th. 🙂

Working Monday then the rest of the week off, pretty sure there will only be a small handful of people in our office that day.

If only I didn't work for a bank....

Some Companies like the one I work for added Monday the 3rd to our holidays for this year. So Holidays mid week with an extra paid day off I say add more.

This is my opportunity to catch up.

Will be here on Monday but that's fine with me. I get more done on the day before a holiday even with early release!

The best part about working the day before and the day after a holiday is that with so many other people gone, the days are quiet and productive!!

We get two days for July 4, so the Monday before was a "given." What's weird for us is when those two-day holidays (July 4, Christmas, New Year's Day) fall on a Wednesday! We get two days for Thanksgiving, too, but that's always a Thursday/Friday thing.

Verbatim (cont.)

Unfortunately, it is in the middle of quarterly report time so I don't have the luxury of taking addtional days off.

I am also taking off Friday, June 30th for a fiver!

Everyone else in my department is taking the day off on Monday, so someone has to be here. I'll take the Wednesday off.

Everyone in our office is taking the 3rd as vacation, but the office isn't "officially closed"!

Our company has a floating holiday that is used around holidays that break up the week--If there are no holidays that break up the week it is used a another vacation day!

I'm very fortunate to work for a small company. Our boss gave the OK to close the office on Monday, too. Yippee skippee!!!!!!

The only extra time off will come when the big boss decides we get to leave early.. Love her!

Hoping everyone else takes it off!!

Our organization has one floating holiday that is assigned by management. This year that holiday was assigned to 7/3.

If Independence Day fell later in the month like Christmas and Thanksgiving, I would take extra days. Have to get invoices out to clients the first week so we can get paid the following week.

I love the USA and celebrate it everyday! God Bless America!

Verbatim (cont.)

I am not, but since everyone else will out Monday will be very productive.

Hate 'em! Thank goodness Christmas falls on a Monday this year!

Everyone else takes off time so it is a good opportunity to catch up on work with out all those pesky customers and co-workers bothering me. Just need to be wary of "THE ONE", you know the one Customer/Auditor that wants to finish up something that sucks up all your time while you are covering for their regular contact.

Small business operations, elected to close the office on Monday, the 3rd. So not employee's leave time/paid time off.

How about Friday? I am sure people are taking Friday and Monday off.

Everyone would like the extra long weekend. I wonder how many people who forgot to ask for time off will be sick!

We have an out of town wedding on Sunday night, so I will be taking Monday off even though the office is officially open (as I suspect many of my co-workers will).

Actually, just taking off the afternoon of the 3rd - I expect that the day will be quiet but someone needs to be around just in case

I typically take the whole week off each year to spend time with my family. There is an added benefit of only needing to utilize 4 of my vacation days for the week!

Its nice to convert them into 4 day weekends!

Verbatim (cont.)

Our company chose to designate Monday as a floating holiday so we're closed for regular business.

Since I've accepted a buyout from my employer, effective June 30, I'm taking ... um ... a lot of time off (until I find my next job). Anybody need an IT manager with experience in risk management?

Our company gave employees Monday off as well. We work for a great company!

The stock market is closing early on Monday so our office will too, so I will take a half day vacation and take the whole day off.

I don't know why my company doesn't just make this particular Monday a holiday. Those not taking Monday off will get nothing done...I bet there will be well less than 50% of the normal staff here, so more than likely anyone you need to talk to won't be around anyway.

We have a floating holiday and corporate chose to use it on July 3 this year. It fluctuates between Christmas and Independence Day to make one of them a longer holiday.

Our company is giving us July 3 as a floating holiday!

Friday 6/30 and Monday 7/3

The 3rd is not a company holiday for us and I'm going to use that day to catch up on emails as I guessing most employees will take a PTO day.

We need more holidays that break up the work week!

Verbatim (cont.)

Being as July 3rd is my birthday, I like when the 4th falls mid-week. That means I can make it a 4 or 5 day "week-end."

Holidays tied to weekends are nice if you want to travel, but sometimes it is nice to have a free day in the middle of the week without any expectations!

I'll take a 4 day work week regardless of how it falls. 🙂

This particular extra day off, however, I won't be doing anything "fun". I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday the 3rd. Yay, me!

Taking the opportunity on Monday, July 3 to get some projects completed without interruptions.

Our office is closed Monday, I took that as a sign I should take the rest of the week off.

We are open but give the option of using holiday or vacation time on Monday. Most choose to take the time off.

Having taken a week's vacation in June, I will be working next week. Looking forward to a quiet day at work on July 3rd!

Coincidentally, I'm retiring June 30th and have cause to celebrate independence on a whole different level. In conjunction, of course, with the home of the brave.

My employer is giving us the 3rd and 4th off.


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