SURVEY SAYS: Best Picture Nominees

February 24, 2014 ( – The 86th Annual Academy Awards event will air on ABC March 2.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers which Best Picture nominations they’ve seen and which they feel should win.

More than half of responding readers (54.2%) have seen “American Hustle,” while half have seen “Gravity.” “Captain Phillips” was seen by 45.8% of readers. One-third (33.3%) have seen “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and one-quarter each have seen “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and “Philomena.” “12 Years a Slave” was viewed by 16.7% of readers, “Nebraska” by 12.5% and “Her” by 8.3%.

Seen by the most respondents, “American Hustle” also received the highest number of votes to win the Best Picture Oscar, at 26.3%. “Captain Phillips” came in second with 21.1% of votes, and “12 Years a Slave,” “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and “Gravity” tied for third with 10.5% of votes. All other movies were each selected by 5.3% of responding readers.

I also asked readers what movie they’ve seen they feel should have been nominated for Best Picture this year. Responses included:

  • “The Butler,”
  • “Bad Grandpa,”
  • “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,”
  • “Saving Mr. Banks,”
  • “Rush,”
  • “All Is Lost,”
  • “The Fifth Estate,” and
  • “Lone Survivor.”


In verbatim responses, there were a few negative comments about the Academy Awards. Several readers noted they have not seen any of the nominated movies. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I look forward to this survey each year- reminds me to update my Netflix queue!”


I spend too much time studying ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code to watch movies! Although - if they came out with a horror film titled "Health Care Reform - it's lurking in your closet" - I might go see that one, but then again, maybe not - it's just too scary.


I don't care, it's just a movie.


I have 3 young kids so the only movies I can comment about are in the Best Animated Film category.


I can't believe I've actually seen 2 of the nominated pictures! I usually strike out.


I have seen none of these movies. The only one the interests me is Gravity and just didn't take the time to watch it yet. As for the Academy Awards, my only comment is "who cares". Generally the movies nominated and win the award are those that I don't care to see.


Have not seen any of the movies. The only one of interest was Gravity and they were only showing 3D in my area. I won't go to a 3D movie as all they do is give me a headache. Oh well, will stick with Netflix and Hulu Plus.


I look forward to this survey each year- reminds me to update my Netflix queue!


Too many categories.


Hollyweird should practice what it preaches and give everyone a statue just for participating.


Anything BUT Gravity should win. Sandra Bullock floating around space breathing heavy for 2 hrs. Ridiculous.


Since I didn't see any of the movies, I will withhold any nominations. I cannot stand watching any of these awards shows.


The Oscars, like any kind of political vote, frequently suffers from the biases of the electorate. Leaving those of us outside the process to say "huh?" when the "winners" are announced. While, as usual, my schedule hasn't allowed me to see most of the nominees as yet, it looks like a "public-friendly" group of nominees (meaning films that regular people might have actually seen) Here's hoping....


Finally a contest.



NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.
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