SURVEY SAYS: Did You Press the Red Button?

Last week's Friday edition had a link to an interesting little red button - and, at the behest of several readers, I asked readers what, if anything, they had done about that little red button.

The answers were, as you might expect, illuminating….

A quarter of the respondents did what I would have expected folks to do – press the button…again and again and again…despite my “warning” (actually, I would have thought because of my warning); another 5.6%  pressed the button – once?  

However, nearly one in five said they “missed the button entirely,” nearly 14%  said they “missed Friday entirely” (bummer), and 12.5% actually said that, while they brought up the link, they didn’t press the button.    

A full 22% chose other – nearly all said that they were blocked (or were afraid they would be blocked) in trying to do so.

Some random verbatims:

  • “Didn’t press it…our Internet content control is bad enough, and I didn’t want to put another red flag on my account!”   said one.
  • “You said not to press the button, so I did not even click on the link. Thus, avoiding any temptation to press the red button.”
  • “I was tempted, but our e-mail nazi recently sent us a warning about our Internet usage.”
  • “Our servers blocked the link. Have no idea what the button did.”
  • “Ignored it — wasn’t up to the challenge that particular day.”
  • “I did (c), but I don’t think that answer really captures how hooked I was by the darn red button. I went through the full sequence at least 2 times, and now that you’ve reminded me, I may visit again.”
  • “Sent it to everyone else on my team so they could look like a fool, too!”
  • “I pressed it until I recognized the pattern, then I inflicted it on others, just like you did!”
  • “My server blocked me from accessing the site . . .    but would I have pressed the button? You bet.”

This special survey’s Editor’s Choice    “Didn’t even try – our IT network blocks everything that is any fun.”

Just in case you missed it – or want to try it again – the link to that little red button is online  HERE

By the way – for the benefit of those who questioned the recent shift to posting the links to these “extra” sites on our site, rather than in the e-mail, there is a reason.  Well, several, actually.

First, as several respondents above noted, some e-mail filters are now checking links within e-mails – so imbedding the links directly as I once did actually keeps NewsDash from being delivered to some folks (a particular hardship on Friday).

Secondly, some of those links are pretty long – and they don’t fit well with the text-version deliveries.    Also, some of those links change after I send out the NewsDash – and while I can change links on the site, once the Dash is “out,” I can’t touch it.  

And finally – we like it when you– for whatever reason.   So, make a point of it.

As always, we appreciate your support!