SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Super Bowl 52 Commercials

During the Super Bowl advertisers try to kick up the quality and/or humor of their ads.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which Super Bowl 52 commercial was your FAVORITE?” I did not include ads for games or movie trailers in the list. If you need a reminder of what the ads depicted, you can find all on this site:


The top pick among responding readers among the list was “Danny DeVito becomes human M&M,” selected by 15.2%. This was followed by “What happens when Alexa loses her voice,” selected by 13% of respondents.


Other results included:

  •  “It’s a Tide ad” with David Harbour – 8.7%;
  • Doritos & Mountain Dew – 8.7%’
  • RAM, Vikings journey – 10.9%;
  • Evelyn the robot teaches a lesson in choosing Sprint – 4.3%;
  • Australia ad with Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride – 4.3%;
  • E*Trade: “This Is Getting Old” – 8.7%;
  • Bud Light: Dilly Dilly the Battle of Beer Run – 2.2%;
  • Verizon honors first responders – 4.3%;
  • T-Mobile “#LittleOnes” – 2.2%;
  • Kia Stinger: “Feel Something” – 2.2%;
  • Jeep Jurassic – 2.2%;
  • Budweiser: “United We Stand” – 8.7%;
  • “It’s Yet Another Tide Ad”, with Mr. Clean – 2.2%.



Of course results would have been different had I include the ad for the NFL Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. parodying “Dirty Dancing,” as indicated in verbatim responses. I hate I missed including that one, as it made me LOL. Many readers who left comments said the commercials were just not as good as in the past; a couple pointed out how great the game was, though. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “The ‘This is Getting Old’ ad is exactly what we’re all about, using whatever tactic we can find to inspire/encourage/shame/scare employees into preparing to retire someday.”


Thanks to all who responded to the survey!



The “Dirty Dancing” ad was really great too, but the “This is Getting Old” ad is exactly what we’re all about, using whatever tactic we can find to inspire/encourage/shame/scare employees into preparing to retire someday.

The best commercial is not listed here. It was a commercial for the NFL, a Dirty Dancing spoof featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. It was hilarious!

There were no truly memorable ads this year, but Tide did a good job of standing out by making us laugh by turning our expectations upside down over and over again.

The M&M commercial was actually my 2nd favorite. My favorite was the Eli Manning Time of My Life commercial for the NFL, but I couldn’t find it on the list.

Don’t see the best in the list! Where is the NFL League commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham? Dirty Dancing all the way!!

The absolute BEST ad was the NFL commercial with O’Dell Beckham Jr & Eli Manning recreating the big dance scene from Dirty Dancing. It was HYSTERICAL!!! But I don’t see it on your list???

Tide commercials were great – it added an element of surprise in any other brand’s commercial – “Is this another Tide ad?” However, my actual favorite commercial isn’t listed here – WIX with Rhett & Link – long-time Mythical Beast here.

I loved Eli Manning in the dirty dancing sequence, too

NFL: Eli Manning and Odell Beckham dancing.

Commercials were not very good this year, but the game was one of the best!

This commercial and the M&Ms one with Danny DeVito came to mind immediately when I was reading your request. The Jurassic Jeep one got my attention stuck in my head. It just really did it for me. for me.

There did not seem to be as many memorable ones this year. Nothing like the “mean Joe Green” that will be talked about for years to come

My favorite by far was the one with Eli Manning and Dirty Dancing. NFL

Loved DJ Nana!

I include all the Tide ads in my vote. They blended into one as the day went on.

Didn’t see my favorite listed…Loved the ad of Manning and Beckham’s remake of the Dirty Dancing scene! As for most of the commercials, I didn’t find them funny/didn’t get them and thought a lot of money was spent on nothing!

Disappointed this year in 2018. They have been much better in the past.

Eli Manning is now 3-0 against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Dancing with the Stars next? Looking forward to seeing Manning and Beckham dance all throughout next season.

Best was actually the NFL ad with Eli Manning and O’Dell Beckham – that was classic – why isn’t it on the list?

There seemed to be more movie trailers than commercials, so I quit watching them. What I did see, weren’t that good this year.

The best one isn’t listed – Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. doing the famous lift dance from Dirty Dancing. It was so simple but so hilarious!

This was my favorite commercial add, but the Verizon honors first responders was my favorite feel good commercial!

You left out the only commercial anyone is going to remember – NFL Eli and Odell Dirty Dancing.

Not what they were. Remember the Clydesdale horses and the Bud ads.

Not only are all the Intuit adds, pre-Super Bowl and Super Bowl, not funny many of them border on the creepy.

This year the game, I was pleased to find, was better than the commercials.

I liked Toyota’s “We’re all one team” ad. It was not on your list.

I liked the Viking ad but really thought the Eli Manning dancing was the highlight

None of the above. They all pale in comparison to Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. “having the time of their lives”

Not that I thought there were a lot of great ads but still hard to pick one. Loved the Budweiser “United We Stand” ad – it was moving. As far as funny ads go, I liked the ad “What happens when Alexa loses her voice”. Overall, I think the ads are not as good as they used to be. Too many car and movie commercials!

Why don’t you have the NFL ad with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr., listed? That was even better than the Australia ad.



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