July 8, 2010 ( - I don’t know how it is where you live, but in my part of the world it is HOT these days. 

That said, in my experience, there are many clever ways to “colorfully” describe such things.   

This week I asked readers to share their favorite ways to answer the following; “It’s so hot,… “ 

My favorites are on the following pages…enjoy! 



It’s so hot…I wish it was February and there were 3 feet of snow on the ground. 



It's so hot...even my thumb is sweating 



It’s so hot  ...ballplayers compete to get tossed out first. 



It’s so hot...the boss seems cool. 



It’s so hot .. it's hotter than a Times Square Rolex 



It’s so hot ...that I'm melting. 



It’s so hot - I'm sweatin' like a pig!       (Do pigs really sweat that bad? Editor's Note: Not so much) 



It’s so hot ...even the Devil is taking it easy. 



It’s so hot ...the corn is popping in the fields! (...but since I live in Wisconsin, it won't be lasting too much longer!) 



It’s so hot sense of humor has melted. 



It’s so hot ...even the fish are perspiring. 



It’s so hot can fry an egg on the sidewalk.... 



It’s so hot could still fry an egg on Telly Savalas' head (when exactly did he pass away? Editor's Note:  January 1994)... 



It’s so hot ...the cows are giving dehydrated milk..." 



It is so hot ...people are going to Arizona to cool off............... 



It’s so hot ...a dog was chasing a cat, and they were both walking. 



It’s so hot ...water torture is being kind. 



But this week's Bonus Survey Says Editor's Choice goes to the reader who observed

It is so hot ...I'm hoping for someone to flush the toilet while I'm showering. 

 Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!   I feel cooler already...