SURVEY SAYS: In which unconventional places have you used your mobile phone?

Last week I asked NewsDash readers, in which unconventional places have you used your mobile phone to text, talk or browse?

Not surprisingly, 84% indicated they have used their mobile phone while eating out. Seventy-one percent admitted to using their mobile in the bathroom at home or at a friend’s house, and 42% said they had used it in a public bathroom. Another 42% have texted, talked or browsed during a meeting, and 16% have done so in church.  

Among “other” responses were some I would have never thought of, such as “while on an amusement park ride” and “in my kayak.”  

The “other” responses included: 

  • the only place i HAVEN’T used my mobile phone is in bed…yet 
  • I never use my phone in any of the places listed. 
  • I once had to do a business call while at a ski resort. The only place I could get reception was at the edge of the resort’s circular driveway, near the road. Every time a car went by, it could be heard by all on the phone. The call was short. 
  • Waiting in line 
  • at a wedding, while on an amusement park ride, in spin class 
  • I was flyfishing from my kayak, and my wife wanted me to report to her if I caught any fish for dinner, so she could plan her shopping in case I got skunked. So I had to call her to tell that we were having fresh fish for dinner! Trout too! 
  • None of the above 
  • I have used my mobile phone to text and browse while sitting very quietly in a hunting a blind for many hours. 
  • Boy Scout Camp 
  • I don’t have a mobile phone. 
  • In the Middle of Main Street during the Disney parade. 
  • bath tub 
  • None of the above. 
  • in bed 
  • I was in DisneyWorld last November with family and was on Splash Mountain, when it stopped for about 15 minutes and we were just sitting in the lazy river portion of the ride going nowhere. I snapped several pics of us stuck on the ride and texted friends and family who couldn’t be there. So they wouldn’t be jealous anymore! But they all were anyway. Oh well – I tried… 


Many of the verbatim comments expressed feelings that it is rude to use the phone in any of these places. One reader’s advice: “Just let it go to voice mail and call back when you are not busy with life.”


why would using the phone to text, etc. in the aforementioned places be considered "unconventional?" Years ago, hotels started putting phones in bathrooms. That struck me as odd until the first time I was "indisposed" while waiting for an important call. Then it all made sense... 


True Story...I was in the restroom at McDonald's...this woman in the stall was breaking up with a man on her cell while using the rr. Several of us are looking at each other like really. Later as I am leaving, she is standing at the counter hugging all over another man. 


I think it is rude how people think it is ok to use their phone to either to talk, text or browse when they are with others. 


None of the above because it's rude and inconsiderate of the people you are with and those around you. Period. 


My phone's browser came in handy when I had to confirm a particular obscure location was indeed a National Historic Landmark to qualify a Boy Scout for completion of a merit badge. 


Just let it go to voice mail and call back when you are not busy with life. 


I only used my mobile phone in a restaurant because I was waiting for a call from a Vet regarding my cat. Luckily the cat was fine but the Vet was extremely chatty. I had a hard time ending the call politely. I think it is extremely rude to talk on phone while dining out with someone. 


I certainly prefer for people to use these insipid devices in the bathroom rather than in a restuarant or vehicle. 


If I walk into the ladies' room, and there is someone in a stall talking on her cell phone, I flush the toilet over and over to see if the other person notices that the person called her FROM A TOILET STALL!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! 


I hate it when other people are on their mobile phones when other people (like myself) are in the bathroom. 


I don't understand the need to use a cellphone in a bathroom - at home, at a friend's house and worst of all, in a public bathroom. I am certainly not interested in your "personal business" and just do not comprehend the need for some folks to share. 


I consider talking and texting to be completely different. Talk is unacceptable in any of these locations at any time. Texting in the bathroom is OK, as long as it stays private. Meetings and church, completely unacceptable. You don't need a phone to talk to God. Texting at a restaurant is rude to one's dining companions, though I couldn't care less if the strangers at the other tables want to text. I'm just glad you didn't include "while driving a car". 


It was bonus time, I was on vacation, and my boss was calling to give me the bonus amounts for my direct reports. 


...just had to get the email out... 


I'm old school, I think there are times and places when it's appropriate to use a mobile phone. I think that using your mobile phone when in meetings, at social gatherings or at a place of worship is exceedingly rude unless you're using it to call 911. 


Nowhere is off limits. 


If I know someone is using a cell phone in a public bathroom, I flush the toilet frequently - I can't help it - it amuses me. 


I received and sent texts last year during a broad meeting where I was one of about 1500 people. I didn't think I'd be noticed, plus it was a family emergency.