SURVEY SAYS: Memorial Day Weekend

May 24, 2001 - This week we asked about YOUR plans for the Memorial Day weekend -- specifically how long you would be manning your "post." Not surprisingly given the dedication of our readers, the top answer was (d) covering for those departing early, cited by more than 36% of our survey respondents. On the other hand, the second most popular answer was (a) out of here by Thursday, noted by roughly 32% (and which might have been even more popular had we included the out-of-office bouncebacks we received). Nearly 13% will be gone by noon Friday (with a respectable number at least alluding to the desire to first check out the Friday Files), while the remaining 19% will be ducking out --once the boss has made his/her move.

As always, we very much appreciate and enjoy the “extra” comments to our surveys–and thought you might enjoy a sampling:

There were the weakest “links”:

“I’m a c hoping to be a b” (a classic overachiever-reaction–just tell your boss he/she has been working too hard and deserves to have lunch at home:)

“b – I see golf in my future :)”

“How about a combination of (b) & (c). We leave Friday at noon to play a round of golf at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort.”

“We seem to have an unwritten ‘policy’ about leaving early before a holiday weekend. Employees start asking around 10am if we’re closing early –knowing that we will, but looking for a time and confirmation. We generally give the go ahead around 3pm. Not too generous, but better than nothing!”

Those Friday File Fanatics:

“hanging around for the friday files of course and then hitting the road for the redwoods to camp and sleep with the trees!”?

“I’m taking a day of vacation on Friday to extend the weekend. I will, of course, be dialing in from home to read the Friday Files!” (but, of course)

And then there were the ones that were “already gone” — but can’t quite let go:

“Today is my last day in the office b 4 the big weekend. Gonna kick back and relax for 5 days and not give this place a second thought… soon as I call in for a mandatory conf call on Thursday morning!”

“c – right behind the boss, probably sometime on Fri., early PM. HOWEVER, the work cell phone will be on, and I’ll be: a)frequently checking my voice mail messages through 5 PM on Fri., and b)will clean out my e-mail “In-box” upon arriving at home, again though 5.”

“I was out of there yesterday night. ok ok, so I’ll do a site visit tomorrow…but basically I’m gone until Tuesday next week. Yippeee!!!

And finally, our personal “favorite”:

“I’ll let everyone go at two on Friday…unless my due-any-minute baby comes today or Thursday.” (and then you WON’T let them go at 2?)

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in our survey!