SURVEY SAYS: Mother’s Day Gifts

May 13, 2013 ( – Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

In recognition of Mother’s Day, last week I asked NewsDash readers to share gifts their mother especially liked, they especially liked, or they were proud to give.  

The results show the best gifts are not always store-bought, and readers who chose to make verbatim comments about Mother’s Day shared that sentiment. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I think people focus too much on spending money for Mother’s Day. I’d rather have something that my child made specifically for me, to capture him and who he is at that point in time. He’s only 1 1/2 and I already can’t believe how he has grown up and changed (and how quickly it has gone). Diamonds, flowers, chocolates are all just things. At the end of the day it’s the memories that matter.”

Special Gifts mentioned included: 

  • Having strawberry shortcake to mark the beginning of spring...when strawberries were not in stores year around. 
  • My favorite Mother's Day Gifts I have received from my children: 1. The small hand prints in clay, paper necklaces, the many treasures they made in elementary school;. 2. When they were in high School they gave me A Kayak; 3. In college A Fountain for my yard. 
  • I knew it would be my very last gift to her - a white Phalaenopsis (butterfly) orchid plant and she loved it. She would pass away three months later. 
  • nominated her for most beautiful mother and she won. They delivered flowers and gifts to her and she was mentioned in the paper 
  • Flowers or trees that will come back and bloom each spring reminding me of the giver. 
  • Anything from my grade school days. 
  • For years, Daddy and I would pick up a bottle of Strawberry by Prince Match Belly to give to Mommy. Later I learned it was really Stradivari by Prince Matchabelli. 
  • My wife and I had struggled to have children, tried numerous procedures and were about to give up and look at adoption. We had been married 11 years while "officially" trying to conceive for 6 years when we got pregnant with our first. We kept it a secret until Mothers Day 1998 when we informed both mothers at lunch by giving them "Grandmother's Day" cards. Needless to say there was shock, joy, tears and excitement. Pretty tough to top that at this point so why try? 🙂 
  • When my daughter was 4 she and my mother went shopping for Mother’s Day. My daughter picked out a dress, hat, tights,fancy gloves and new shoes. My daughter loved dressing up then and still does today. It was special because we had lived overseas for 2 years and my mother was delighted to catch up with her granddaughter. My daughter also gave me a small scented soap in a heart shape, which is still in my dresser 19 years later. That was a great day because my tiny daughter gave me a glimpse of who we would be today and my mother was excited to have spent time with my daughter. The best gift occured 14 years later when my daughter was hospitilized. She was in severe pain and had just had emergency surgery, still groggy she asked if I had received my Mother’s Day Card in time and wished me a happy Mother's Day. Most individuals in her condition would not have known what day it was. 
  • When my daughter was 5 she made a stack of chore cards that I could give her over the next month. She would do the extra chores for each card. She was very proud to help around the house and I got a break from some chores. 
  • I brought my mom to California to see me. I had recently moved there. Mom was in CT and was not a frequent flier so this was big trip for her. She loved everything and I and my cat were so happy to see her. Hoagie (the cat) came running to the door as soon as he heard her voice. 
  • I live in Iowa, my Mother lived near Dallas, Texas, near my brother and sister-in-law. I flew to Dallas, was picked up by my sister-in-law and 2 nieces, drove to my parent's house where I surprised Mom then "kidnapped" her. We ladies spent Friday and Saturday of Mother's Day weekend together - then joined the guys for Mother's Day. It was a totally awesome time together and is one of my most treasured memories with my mother. 
  • My mother was particularly pleased to have all of her children home for Mother's Day. Not an easy feat given her kids live on 3 different continents! 
  • My son made me a magnet for my refrigerator in the shape of a clear plastic heart, his picture in the middle, and handwritten "I love you" on it. He was around 4 years old. I still smile every time I see it. 
  • My Mother's ring that I received from my husband and kids as a total surprise. 
  • Last year my son was 8 months old at Mother's Day. For all the grandmother's we bought white tote bags and painted a flower on each, using his hand print to form the petals. I was really proud of them - they turned out beautiful, and the grandmother's still talk about them today. I only wish I had made one for myself! 
  • Years ago I gave my mother a card that said, "If I had a choice between the best mother in the world or a million dollars, I would take the million dollars." When you opened it up it said "Because I already have the best mother in the world." She almost cried. It is by far the best card I have ever found, because it is true. Funny, I saw it this year in the store. 
  • One year I wrote a letter to my mother telling her what I appreciated about her and the things she taught me about being a women, most of it by example. She still has that letter in her safe. 
  • Like Mom, I, too, am an empty nester. Learning first hand there's nothing more special than a visit. Won't miss the opportunity and no wrapping required. 


I think that quality time spent with family is the best Mother's Day gift! 


The thought and sentiment should come from the heart with meaning not from the store because they have to. 


When kids are in k-3rd grade and they make the handprints and cards that is the best gift any mom can get when her kids say "I love you Mom" 


Sometimes church services on Mother’s Day can be too sentimental or painful for some. 


Our family tradition started when my first child was born. Each year the kids get to go to the dollar store and pick out any item to give to me. I especially love the year that my young son was adamant about getting me red lipstick. He knew I would love it even though his Dad didn't seem to notice that I would wear red lipstick on occasion. My son is definitely more observant than my husband! 


Mother's Day is really Grandmother's Day. No one I know gets to celebrate for herself if she is a mother of young kids AND has a mother of her own. I think it should be renamed "Stressed Out Middle Aged Mother's Day" because it's no fun dragging the kids all over the place to visit the parents AND the in-laws all in one day, with no time for oneself. 


It is not the gift that is important, it is getting a hug from your child and knowing that they only want to be sure that their mom knows she is loved and appreciated. 


Keep them simple and from the heart. My husband is a pro at knowing just the right gift without asking. I love receiving self-made gifts from my children and grandchildren best. Just spending time together as a family is most precious. 


Mother's Day gifts are a challenge!! 


It wasn't a gift. It was a card. Being a Daddy's girl the Mothers Day card was written "For the woman that married my Father." She took it in the fun spirit intended and we had many, many laughs over that card! 


I think people focus too much on spending money for Mother's Day. I'd rather have something that my child made specifically for me, to capture him and who he is at that point in time. He's only 1 1/2 and I already can't believe how he has grown up and changed (and how quickly it has gone). Diamonds, flowers, chocolates are all just things. At the end of the day it's the memories that matter. 


The best things I have ever gotten were wildflowers picked by my children, or home made gifts. I cherish these and have kept them all (the gifts, not the flowers). 



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