SURVEY SAYS: Moving for Retirement

Another ranking of best states for retirement came out recently.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Do you plan to move for retirement, and if so, why?”

Nearly half (47.8%) of responding readers said they plan to move for retirement, while 29% do not and 23.2% don’t know.

Asked what is the MAIN reason those who will be moving plan to do so, 27.7% indicated it is to live out a dream of living at the beach, mountains, or another country. Seventeen percent said it is to be closer to family and/or friends, and 8.5% each chose “to lower costs by moving to a place with a lower standard of living” and “to downsize.” Two percent each will move to reduce stress, lower health expenses by moving to a country where health care is paid for, or to “go back home.”

Nearly 32% chose “other,” and most of those said they were planning to move to a place with better weather. A few chose “other” because they couldn’t pick just one main reason and have several reasons for moving for retirement. Responses also included, “to escape one of two obvious results of the presidential election,” “to start something new, somewhere new,” and “to begin a different career.”

In comments left by responding readers, many expressed the great influence that family (especially grandchildren) has on the decision to move at retirement or notthough one respondent said, “I may need to move to get away from family and friends.” Some shared dreams of retirement in a warm place, while others said they will split their time between places to have year-round good weather. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Can’t afford where I’d like to move. Don’t want to move to where I can afford. What I’ve got is paid for. So, I’ll get a sunlamp, some beach sand and an artificial putting surface for the basement.”

Thank you to all who participated in the survey!


I plan to move back to Texas. Loved it there in the 80s and didn't want to move back to Illinois. Taxes will be lower and the cost of living is low in many areas. Best of all, I'll be close to one of my sons and his family. Hoping to retire in less than 5 years.

My extended family has begun looking at buying a vacation home (or a couple of them close together) in an area we would all like to eventually retire to. So we would have the best of both worlds... dream location plus family close by!

I did make them promise to stay in one place if I move. My family is a bit nomadic and I don't want to move and then have them pick up stakes to go elsewhere.

I plan on moving, but my husband may not realize yet that he is planning on it too.

The sun and white sand can be my emotional support!

I live in a high-tax state and probably would do better financially moving somewhere else. But the quality of life is good here, and the turmoil of moving is not worth the effort, especially when I have so many friends and activities here. When I retire in a few years, my spouse and I will have lived in the same house for 30 years. We do, however, hope to be able to travel more once we are retired.

It's so far away, it's hard to say what the future will bring.

As much as I love Alaska, my family, children and grandchildren are all down below. That is where my heart is. So...a few more years, then home.

I plan on spending 7 months in a low income tax state and 5 in my current high taxing state. I'll be a snowbird in winter and a mountain hiker in summer.

Gotta stay near the grandkids!!

Embarrassed to admit that I may want to be a Snowbird....I love my Pennsylvania home, but am realizing that I'm meant for warm weather.

Verbatim (cont.) 

I may need to move to get away from family and friends!

My family and friends live in my current community, so grandkids v. marginally lower tax rate ... no contest. (BTW - the grandkids win!)

I'm not waiting for retirement! As soon as the kids are off to college, we're moving to a house on the water.

My children are scattering around the country. They will have to travel to reach me anyway. The big thing was preparing them that I will not stay in the "family home" just so they can come visit. The family home is where I am.

I live in the St. Louis (bi-state) area with friends and family on both sides of the river so I will be comparing tax rates and cost of living for both Illinois and Missouri upon retirement.

I don't plan to move, but will move as needed for financial reasons. My first alternative is a grass hut on Saipan!

1. I am tired of cold winters. 2. I have no pension other than Social Security, 401(k) and personal savings. The difference in income taxes between NY and FL can make a noticeable difference in my overall retirement savings. 3. The difference in NY and FL estate taxes allows me to leave an inheritance for my kids. 4. Being closer to family and friends is a possible issue, but my kids have started moving to various locations around the world. Also, many of my friends have already moved to FL, AZ or other lower-cost countries.

I live in Florida and I'll stay here - what's not to like. But we do need to downsize and go where the cost of living isn't as high as it is in Miami.

I don't want to be like some of my relatives who move away after retirement and then complain that they never see any of the family any more

While I'm only 50, I'm retiring in two years and moving to Ireland primarily to escape the one of two potential outcomes of the presidential election. Both make me especially anxious.

Can't afford where I'd like to move. Don't want to move to where I can afford. What I've got is paid for. So, I'll get a sunlamp, some beach sand and an artificial putting surface for the basement.

Since my retirement is close to thirty years away, "will I move" is pretty low on my list of things to ponder; about thirty five lines below "Will I have to eat cat food?"

Verbatim (cont.) 

I view retirement as a new phase where I can be busy and continue to work (volunteer or non-profit), but don't need to receive the salary I do now to meet my every day bills. I don't intend to ever get stuck in the proverbial rocking chair.

My husband and I recently retired. We are not moving from Minnesota, a high tax state, because our children and grandchildren are in Minnesota. Family is more important than money.

Living in the (not so) great state of NY - I simply can't afford $10k+/yr just for property taxes for an 'average home' . . . . (really, Cuomo?) To me, that's more than a marginal savings . .

My family is spread out across the country so it doesn't matter where I live...I just want to get out of the snow and cold winters!

My grandkids are 10 minutes away from me. So, unless they leave, I'm not going anywhere!

You do yourself a disservice by moving away from family and friends. They are your support system. Being with your loved ones is very important as we age.

I've lived in Iowa my entire life. Can't image that I would want to live anywhere else. Although must say I wouldn't mind visiting warmer climes in deep winter. Snow bird city, here I come!

I would like to stay in my home after retiring, but I don't know if I will be able to afford NJ's high real estate taxes.

We love where we live but may consider a rental place in a warmer climate for a month or two during the worst months of the winter season.

We will maintain our home base, but plan to be nomads touring the country in our toy hauler (camper with a garage) with our motorcycles! That's a retirement to look forward to! I have started counting down!

Will stay in the same general area as at present (children & grandchildren are here) but will try for slightly smaller house on much smaller, much flatter piece of property.

Verbatim (cont.) 

I do not want to retire to freezing cold, snow and ice. Give me a warm climate, beaches and golf courses!

The only way I would move is if my close family members moved.

As much as I love my children and my granddaughter, my husband and I are moving out of tax-infested MD at retirement and will split our time between AZ or NM and Aruba.

Part of me has always pictured retirement being on a beach with a cute guy bringing me those drinks with umbrellas in them. As the time gets closer however, I think I'd miss family and friends, except on those days when they really annoy me....

We have already downsized in anticipation for my retirement (husband already retired) and are as close to family as our budget will allow in retirement

To be closer to family, but against my will. I intended to live out my years in my current location in Ohio that I love, but kids and wife have other plans for me.....Texas, the land of Ted Cruz...yikes! My dislike for the heat and dysfunctional politics of Texas is being overruled by my wife's hate for cold Ohio winters (which I enjoy) and the trump card....a grandchild on the way. The things we do for love.

Will downsize to a townhouse/condo for the nicer MN weather months and then off to someplace warm for the cold winter months! I can't wait.... though sadly I have several years ahead of me before I can live that dream!

It's hard to know if you'll move for retirement when you don't even know where you'll be living AT retirement. But the way things have been looking this election cycle, Canada is looking better all the time (except for all those celebrities promising to head that direction as well).


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